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Tactical Precision Arms Custom Built Guns and Modifications.

Disclaimer:   Due to the time and expense incurred all custom builds and firearm sales are non-refundable.

Tactical Precision Arms and all owners are not responsible for unlawful use of a firearm or mishandling of your weapon.

Custom builds, machining, zeroing, and many other services.


  At Tactical Precision Arms we are dedicated to you.  Our mission is to provide you with the most personalized service in the industry.  With a large array of custom firearms services and instruction in the safe utilization of your weapon you can have the firearm performance you require and the knowledge to maximize your abilities to use it.

Long-range instruction.  Basic and Advanced. 1 or 2 day classes.

Lowest prices guaranteed on all brands and models of rifles, handguns, and accessories.  Contact us today.


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Special - $50-$100 savings on accurizing packages.

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Custom made caps just for you.

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Long-range shooting

instruction. Contact today

Two-Day Long-range class. Next date to be announced.

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